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At Clark & Albaugh, LLP we have been involved in advising financial institutions on loan and other matters since 1980, and we are able to provide a wide array of services to these institutions.


Loan Closings

Most anyone can find and fill in banking forms and close a transaction. At Clark & Albaugh, LLP, we take the extra time to understand the transaction, the security and the means and risks of repayment. Our loan transactions have stood the tests of time and business cycles. We strive to understand not just the transaction, but the development, construction and other legal issues that may affect the transaction.

Loan Workouts

Unfortunately, business cycles fluctuate and at some point it becomes necessary to enforce legal remedies on a loan transaction. We bring our experience in transactional matters to this process as well and can assist institutions in exercising their rights under loan documents. We also assist business clients who are caught in this situation to negotiate terms with their lenders and attempt to find a business solution to a problem loan.

Lender Liability

For nearly twenty years we have counseled institutions and borrowers on the rules of the game when loan enforcement actions become necessary. We assist lenders in taking those actions which are permitted by the loan documents and applicable law and avoiding actions which could expose them to liability. We are experienced in the litigation of claims in which a lender is accused of exceeding the legal bounds in collection activities.