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Bidding Advice and Disputes

Nearly every construction project begins with the preparation and submission of a bid or proposal. Unfortunately, a bid mistake can result in an award you cannot afford, or an unfair bid evaluation can result in a project you really need and deserve being awarded to someone else. Clark & Albaugh, LLP can help you protect your rights in either situation. 


Contract Negotiation and Administration

The construction contract is the lifeblood of the construction industry. But words should be the nuts and bolts of our business, not yours. Clark & Albaugh, LLP can help you make sure that what you sign is exactly what you intend to sign and that how you perform is consistent with how you are obligated to perform. A well written and properly administered contract is a contractor’s best protection against construction disputes.

Contract Disputes

Construction disputes are nearly as certain as death and taxes. Some disputes are easily resolved with a change order. Others are more complicated and end up in the hands of “the lawyers.” At Clark & Albaugh, LLP, we offer you the benefit of our many years of practical experience resolving construction disputes, both big and small. Our experience ranges from expert claims analysis to onsite claims management on a $1.8 billion power plant project to litigation of multi-million dollar highway construction claims.

Delay Claims

“Time is money.” And nowhere is that statement more true than on a construction project. At Clark & Albaugh, LLP our understanding of critical path method scheduling and other scheduling issues can help you either pursue or defend against an expensive delay claim.

Construction Liens and Bonds

Because you don’t get paid until after you have performed -- at your own expense -- Florida law gives you special protection in the form of construction liens on private projects and payment and performance bonds on public work. Such protections require that you strictly comply with the law and even a minor deviation can extinguish your rights. Clark & Albaugh, LLP can help you perfect your lien and bond rights.