“Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser - - in fees, expenses and person.”
- Abraham Lincoln


The Oxford dictionary defines mediation as the intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it. And in most cases that turns out to be accurate. The vast majority of cases mediated in Florida settle. The mediators at Clark & Albaugh, LLP, have the training and experience to explore every conceivable outcome to find one that works for you and your clients.


Mitchell E. “Mitch” Albaugh

Mr. Albaugh was first certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Circuit Mediator in July 1991. After allowing his certification to lapse while temporarily focusing his practice in other areas, he was re-certified in June 2014, and is currently one of a very few certified mediators in Central Florida who are also Board Certified in Construction Law.


As a Board Certified Construction Lawyer since 2007, Mr. Albaugh has attained the highest level of recognition of his competency and experience. His special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in construction law are the culmination of nearly 40 years of construction and legal education and experience.


Mr. Albaugh received his bachelor’s degree from UF’s School of Building Construction in 1974 and went on to obtain his law degree from UF’s College of Law in 1979. Since then, his career has included hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of construction disputes. Mr. Albaugh spent 8 years in the construction industry and has over 20 years of combined experience in construction estimating, construction claims analysis and expert consulting for a national consulting firm, on-site construction claims management on a municipally-owned $1.8 billion power plant project, in-house/litigation representation of a general contractor, multi-million dollar highway construction claims litigation for the Florida Department of Transportation, and representation of architects, engineers and contractors in claims litigation.




Mediation Rate Schedule

Two-party mediations are billed at a rate of $300 per hour. Mediations involving three (3) or more parties are billed at a rate of $375 per hour.  The parties will be billed at the mediation rate for time spent reviewing the parties’ submissions and other preparation. Travel time for mediations outside Central Florida is billed at one-half the applicable hourly rate, but will be waived with a four (4) hour minimum mediation. Charges are divided equally among the parties, unless agreed otherwise. Minimum charge for half-day mediations is two (2) hours, and full-day mediations is four (4) hours. Cancellations with less than forty-eight (48) hours notice will result in a charge equal to two (2) hours at the applicable hourly rate.


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