Clark & Albaugh Real Estate LawReal Estate Law

Real estate ownership, sale and development are important economic engines in Central Florida. While land itself is as old as time, the rules relating to its ownership, development and use are changing.



The purchase or sale of real estate or its financing can involve complex issues. We represent clients in these matters. Whether purchasing or building a house, developing a commercial property or assembling large scale real estate projects, we can assist in these processes. Clark & Albaugh, LLP offers representation and counsel in these areas.

Title Matters

The condition of title to property can have major ramifications to its use and value. Many times people assume title issues do not exist because property has been conveyed previously. That assumption can be costly. We represent several major title underwriters and can provide title analysis and title insurance protection. We also work to resolve title issues that may jeopardize a particular development plan.

Clark & Albaugh Land Use LawReal Property Litigation

Unfortunately, real estate transactions sometimes result in disputes between parties over contractual questions, title issues or development disputes. Clark & Albaugh, LLP is experienced in handling these matters.

Land Use Law

The pace of growth in our state over the past two decades has resulted in a significant framework of laws and ordinances which affect the use of property. These laws frequently raise legal issues or the need for legal counsel about how they affect property ownership and transactions.

Condominium and Planned Development

Many development projects make use of complex plans in which land is developed into condominium ownership or as mixed use developments. These plans require careful thought and drafting to ensure proper integration of land uses. Clark & Albaugh, LLP is experienced in counseling clients and drafting documents for the creation of residential and commercial condominiums and residential and mixed use large scale developments.

Property Rights

It is inevitable that government restrictions on growth and land use will clash with constitutional and other legal rights guaranteed to property owners. At these times, clients need counsel who are not afraid to take a firm stand and say no to excessive regulatory intrusion. We represent our clients aggressively in these situations.